This type of heating is best fitted when a dwelling is first built as it can be very expensive to retro fit; but over time this expense can be recouped and the benefits that water based UFH brings can be enjoyed. To fit in existing situations would mean lifting the floors to install; upstairs it would require the floors to be lifted, but don't be put off, it can be done - check it out before you dismiss it.

New extensions can be designed to utilise a water based UFH system which can integrate with an existing, conventional heating system in the rest of the house. Loft conversions too, would benefit from a UFH system, especially where wall space is at too much of a premium to relinquish to radiators.

Conservatories are well suited to this form of heating, as the heat loss generally experienced through the glass can be addressed by incorporating more closely packed UFH pipework to maintain temperatures in all but extreme weather. A new conservatory costs a lot of money so it makes sense to be able to use it all the year round. Imagine being in your conservatory on Christmas day opening your presents around a Christmas tree. Conservatories are one of the features that can add value to your property; more so if sensibly heated - so why not install the most efficient heating?